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Okdo PowerPoint to Word Rtf Converter 5.8

Batch-convert PPT, PPTX, and PPTM files to DOC, DOCX, DOCM, and RTF documents
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Okdo Software, Inc.

This program converts your documents from various MS PowerPoint formats into MS Word files. It is compatible with the latest versions of both PowerPoint and Word (2007-2010). Furthermore, the program supports conversion in batches, so that it can process many source files at once. Besides, you can save the conversion list to disk and re-open it later.

You can add all the source PowerPoint files in one single operation, or even select a folder and let the program add all the PowerPoint files inside it automatically to the conversion list. You can also remove any of those files at any time, as well as empty your conversion list with just one click.

When you are satisfied with your conversion list, the next logical step would be to choose your preferred output format from the four-option list provided – DOC, DOCX, DOCM, and RTF. As mentioned before, the program is compatible with all Word versions from 97 to 2010. It also allows you to save your resulting Word files in the same folder as the source files, or to choose a different folder. Moreover, the Settings window will let you customize the output page size and margins, and define the PowerPoint conversion mode, the choices being Default mode, Extract the text of slide to convert, Save the page layout of slide, and Convert the content of slide by image mode. As you can guess, the program is capable of either keeping the original layout of the slide and all its elements or extracting just the text, depending on the conversion mode you choose. Once you have configured all settings, you can start the conversion by pressing the "Convert" button.

In conclusion, you will probably find all you need to convert any PowerPoint file into Word very quickly.

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  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive and well-designed user interface
  • Compatible with the latest versions of both PowerPoint and Word (2007-2010)
  • Supports batch conversion
  • Allows you to save the conversion list to a file for later use
  • Allows you to choose four four different conversion modes
  • Allows you to customize the output page size and margins


  • None
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